Stop the Cracks in Their Tracks

Select us for asphalt crack-filling and crack-sealing services in Conklin, NY

Nobody wants to their driveway to be covered in unsightly cracks. Repair the cracks in your driveway by calling Giammarino Paving & Sealcoating LLC of Conklin, NY. Our asphalt crack-filling process uses cold tar, which will protect your driveway from cracking and prevent wear and tear over time.

Contact us today to set up a crack-filling appointment.

Clear your cracks

Giammarino Paving & Sealcoating offers top-quality asphalt crack sealing at affordable rates. Paving over the cracks in your pavement will prevent unsightly grass or weeds from sprouting up in your sidewalk or driveway. Asphalt crack filling will also prevent many issues caused by moisture build-up in your concrete.

If there is any moisture in the crack, we'll:

  • Clean the space out with a hot air lance
  • Dry out the cracks
  • Heat the rubber up to 400 degrees
  • Fill the crack
  • Top it off with black beauty sand
Fill your cracks before winter so they don't freeze and expand, causing more issues. Call us today to schedule your appointment for asphalt crack sealing.